About Us

Serve With a Heart

Partner with an industry leader when choosing to securely transport your goods.

We continuously exceed expectations solely based on our focus on speed, accuracy, and overall efficiency in the transport of goods.

A powerful team by your side, at your service.

We are driven by our passion for providing exceptional service through performance management and continuous improvement. We are relentless in providing specialized logistics service(s) to fulfill the increased demand for cargo transportation and handling.

What fuels us is the pursuit of quality, value, and ultimately excellence. These underpin all that we do to create new and exciting solutions designed to give our clients exceptional customer satisfaction.


Through a tightly‑knit culture, we have been able to strategically drive operational efficiencies within several large enterprise clients. I’m also most proud of the staff and culture that we have collectively built and grown throughout those engagements. Our culture, in conjunction with continuous improvements, has been an absolute contributor to our client retention, sustained improvements, and overall success.

Our ability to both efficiently and effectively scale will continue to aid in our rapid growth.

One Touch. Two Competencies

Our culture starts with a heart for logistics and great teamwork.

Heart and Passion for Logistics

Our commitment to providing each client with sustainable, practical solutions is just a sliver of what will continue to differentiate OneTouch Logistics from all others.

Dynamic Individuals Create Great Teamwork

Our strength lies in our ability to ensure, and that is made possible by our highly competent and trained network of individuals in the logistics space.

To remain an industry leader, our staff exhibit resiliency, tenacity, and the willingness to disrupt the norm. The aforementioned has been a catalyst to our rapid scalability and client retention. As we embrace the uncertainty of this pandemic, we will continue to foster excellence through each client engagement.

Partner with Excellence